Now you can label your images for object detection directly within Roboflow.


Roboflow Annotate is a self-serve annotation tool included with all Roboflow accounts that greatly streamlines the process of going from raw images to a trained and deployed computer vision model.
Whether you need to correct a single annotation or label an entire dataset, you can now do it within Roboflow without having to download a separate program or go through the process of exporting and re-importing your images.

Bounding Boxes vs Polygons

Bounding Boxes
A bounding box annotation is a rectangle that surrounds an object, that specifies its position.
Use bounding box annotations when you are not concerned about capturing an object's specific shape or for fast and easy annotations.
Annotating images on Roboflow with bounding boxes
A polygon annotation is a precise way to annotate objects by drawing an outline along its edges.
Use polygons for labelling irregular shapes, so you can detect objects with greater specificity, or for instance segmentation project types.
For labeling with polygons, you can can click around the object to create the outline or you can use Smart Polygon to use model-assisted labeling with polygons.
Polygon Tool
Annotating images on Roboflow with polygons
Smart Polygon
Apply polygon annotation in as little as one click

How to Access

The self-service version of Roboflow Annotate has been added to all existing plans for no extra charge. Simply click on an image in one of your datasets to open the labeling interface. All changes will automatically be saved and shared with the rest of your team.