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Annotation Insights (Legacy Endpoint)

Retrieve insights about annotation jobs on Roboflow.
This endpoint will soon be deprecated. Please upgrade to the new endpoint:
Roboflow provides statistics on annotations associated with your workspace and projects. You can view annotation insights in the Roboflow dashboard and through the REST API.
To retrieve annotation insights for a workspace, make a GET request to the following endpoint:
This endpoint accepts the following URL parameters:
  • api_key: API key for the workspace from which to retrieve statistics.
  • start: Retrieve statistics starting from this date (accepts a number in milliseconds).
  • end: Retrieve statistics ending from this date (accepts a number in milliseconds).
  • includeTicks: When true, include graphing ticks.
  • projectId: Retrieve data only for the specified project.
  • rawData: When true, returns raw (un-aggregated) data for unique images labeled.
  • limit: The number of records to return. rawData must be true.
  • offset: Offset of records to be returned. rawData must be true.
This endpoint returns a payload with the following structure:
"data": {
"last_updated": "2023-01-01T20:07:21.057Z",
"data": [
"projectId": "project123",
"projectName": "My CV Project",
"total_time_spent_annotating_minutes": 24.09,
"total_images_labeled": 10,
"total_boxes_created": 0,
"seconds_per_image": 31,
"num_images_marked_null": 0,
"acceptance_rate": 0
"labelers": [
"id": "labelerId123",
"displayName": "Lenny Raccoon",
"email": "[email protected]"
// if includeTicks=true
"ticks": [
start_ms": 1656929228959,
"end_ms": 1660867628959,
"values": {
"labelerId123": {
"total_time_spent_annotating_minutes": 133.38,
"total_images_labeled": 983,
"total_boxes_created": 1432,
"seconds_per_image": 0
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