Plans and Pricing

How Roboflow plans and pricing work.

Starter Plan

With the Starter Plan, you can try out Roboflow's basic features without committing to a monthly subscription.

Every month, you get 1,000 source images and 5,000 generated images for free.

  • Images uploaded to Roboflow are source images.

  • Generated images are created using our preprocessing or augmentation features.

If you use all your free images and need more, simply enter add a payment method and only pay for what you use. Additional source images are $0.01 per image per month, while additional generated images are $0.002 per image per month.

Billing is calculated based on the highest number of source images and generated images logged during your 30-day billing period. Your free images are deducted from that total before you are billed.

Example If you upload 3,000 source images and delete 500 before the end of your billing period, your peak number of source images for that billing period would be 3,000.

At the end of the billing period, you would be charged for 2,000 source images because we give you 1,000 for free each billing cycle.

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Professional Plan

With the Roboflow's Professional Plan, you unlock all of Roboflow's advanced features including team sharing, access to our upload API, advanced preprocessing and augmention options, and advanced dataset health check.

Learn more about Roboflow Pro.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan helps you scale your computer vision infrastructure. Manage large datasets, establish custom integrations, and seamlessly collaborate across your organization. All while keeping your data secure and safe.

Learn more about Roboflow Enterprise.