Annotation Insights (Legacy Endpoint)

Retrieve insights about annotation jobs on Roboflow

This endpoint will soon be deprecated. Please upgrade to the new endpoint: Annotation Stats v2

Roboflow provides statistics on annotations associated with your workspace and projects. You can view annotation insights in the Roboflow dashboard and through the REST API.

To retrieve annotation insights for a workspace, make a GET request to the following endpoint:

This endpoint accepts the following URL parameters:

  • api_key: API key for the workspace from which to retrieve statistics.

  • start: Retrieve statistics starting from this date (accepts a number in milliseconds).

  • end: Retrieve statistics ending from this date (accepts a number in milliseconds).

  • includeTicks: When true, include graphing ticks.

  • projectId: Retrieve data only for the specified project.

  • rawData: When true, returns raw (un-aggregated) data for unique images labeled.

  • limit: The number of records to return. rawData must be true.

  • offset: Offset of records to be returned. rawData must be true.

This endpoint returns a payload with the following structure:

    "data": {
        "last_updated": "2023-01-01T20:07:21.057Z",
        "data": [
                "projectId": "project123",
                "projectName": "My CV Project",
                "total_time_spent_annotating_minutes": 24.09,
                "total_images_labeled": 10,
                "total_boxes_created": 0,
                "seconds_per_image": 31,
                "num_images_marked_null": 0,
                "acceptance_rate": 0
        "labelers": [
                "id": "labelerId123",
                "displayName": "Lenny Raccoon",
                "email": "[email protected]"
        // if includeTicks=true
        "ticks": [
                start_ms": 1656929228959,
                "end_ms": 1660867628959,
                "values": {
                    "labelerId123": {
                        "total_time_spent_annotating_minutes": 133.38,
                        "total_images_labeled": 983,
                        "total_boxes_created": 1432,
                        "seconds_per_image": 0

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