Image Details

Fetch Details of a single image within Roboflow.

You can fetch details of a specific image using the REST API. To fetch details of multiple images, use the Search API.

To fetch details of a specific image, make a GET request to the following API endpoint.

Here is an example request to the API to fetch the details of an image

-H 'Content-Type: application/json'

This endpoint returns a JSON object containing the following information about the image:

        "id": string,
        "name": string,
        "annotation": {
            "key": string,
            "width": number,
            "height": number,
            "boxes": Array<{
                "label": string,
                "x": number,
                "y": number,
                "width": number,
                "height": number
        "labels": string[],
        "split": string,
        "tags": string[],
        "created": number,
        "urls": {
            "original": string,
            "thumb": string,
            "annotation": string
        "embedding": number[]

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