Use the Roboflow REST API, CLI, and Python SDK to manage and use your models.

Roboflow offers four developer-centric methods through which you can interact with our product and run inference:


  2. Python SDK

  3. CLI

  4. iOS SDK

The REST API and Python SDK provide the widest range of features for interacting with Roboflow.

We recommend using the Python SDK if you are working with Roboflow and running inference on models hosted on Roboflow in Python. If you are using iOS, we recommend using the iOS SDK.

The CLI, while offering a more limited set of functionalities, is especially useful for uploading images and annotations, providing a concise command line-driven experience for this task.

API Route Conventions

For the most part, routes in the API follow the same naming conventions as those in the web app. This means, oftentimes, you can simply change the domain from to and add your api_key to the URL and receive the information corresponding to that resource in JSON format.

Authenticate with the API, CLI, and SDKs

Review the Authentication page for information on how to authenticate with the API, CLI, and SDKs.

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