REST API Structure

The root level lets you verify your API Key.

You can retrieve information about your Roboflow projects and datasets using the REST API.

  • / - the Root route can be used to validate your API Key and find your workspace ID.

  • /:workspace - the Workspace route gives you information about your workspace and a list of its projects.

  • /:workspace/:project - the Project route shows information about a project and its versions.

  • /:workspace/:project/:version - the Version route surfaces information about a version, its trained model (if present), and exported datasets.

  • /:workspace/:project/:version/:format - the Format route is where you go to retrieve a download link for a zipped dataset in a particular export format.


To access the data for a resource, pass your api_key in the query string (in the documentation samples we have stored our api_key as an environment variable called ROBOFLOW_API_KEY which you could do with export ROBOFLOW_API_KEY="xxxxxxx" (see below for how to obtain your API key from your account).

The data structure in Roboflow is largely hierarchical; the API layout matches this. Workspaces contain Projects which contain Versions which have trained models and are exported in various Formats.

Root Endpoint

At the top level (, you can verify your api_key is working. The response will tell you which workspace owns the key.

Example for the roboflow workspace:

    "welcome": "Welcome to the Roboflow API.",
    "instructions": "You are successfully authenticated.",
    "docs": "",
    "workspace": "roboflow"

You can drill down into this workspace with its Workspace endpoint to access information about your projects.

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