Workspace Image Query

The Workspace Image Search API provides a powerful and flexible way to search and list images within your workspace. It allows users to filter, sort, and perform semantic searches using a query string that is similar to the in-app search functionality.

Using the continuation token returned by the API it is possible to make follow up request to page through all images that match a certain query without (e.g. for purposes of listing all images in a workspace or specific projects)

This documentation details the usage of the API endpoint.



This endpoint supports searching for images based on various criteria specified in the request.


To access the API, you need to include your API key in the request. The API key should be passed as a query parameter.

Example: ?api_key={YOUR_API_KEY}

Request Format


  • Content-Type: application/json

Body Parameters

  • query: A string to filter, sort, or perform a semantic search. For Example: "nightime project:{my-project-url}" will filter for images in the my-project-url project and apply a semantic sort for images that match nighttime.

  • pageSize: Number of results to return per page (default: 50).

  • fields: List of fields to include in the response. Possible values are "tags", "width", "height", "filename", "aspectRatio", "split".

Example Request

curl --location '{WORKSPACE}/search/v1?api_key={API_KEY}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
    "query": "project:foo nightime",
    "pageSize": 10,
    "fields": ["tags", "width", "height", "filename", "aspectRatio", "split"]

Response Format

The response is a JSON object containing the following fields:

  • results: An array of image objects.

  • total: Total number of images found.

  • continuationToken: A token for pagination.

Image Object Fields

depending on fields requested in the fields parameter:

  • id: Unique identifier of the image.

  • projectData: Object containing project-specific data.

    • split: Indicates the dataset split (e.g., "test").

    • inDataset: Boolean indicating if the image is in the dataset.

  • tags: Array of tags associated with the image.

  • width: Width of the image in pixels.

  • height: Height of the image in pixels.

  • filename: Name of the image file.

  • aspectRatio: Aspect ratio of the image.

Pagination and continuationToken

The continuationToken returned in the response is crucial for pagination. It allows users to page through all the matching search results efficiently. When the continuationToken is included in a subsequent request, it fetches the next set of results.

To use the continuationToken, include it in the request body of your next API call. This will retrieve the next page of results based on your original query.

Project and Dataset Filters

In addition to all the filters available in the in app dataset search, the workspace wide search also support filters for project and dataset . For example you can use a query like project:foo project:bar to find all images that are in both projects foo and bar. A query like dataset:foowill return images in project foo that have been labeled and are added to the dataset in the project.

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