Download Dataset

If your project has a saved version, you can download the images+annotations for that version using the command line.

Command to download:

roboflow download -f <format> -l <download-location> <datasetUrl>


  • <format> is one of the supported dataset formats (like voc, yolov9, darknet, etc). See roboflow download --help for the full list of supported formats.

  • <download-location> is the local path to download the thing in your computer

  • <datasetUrl> is the path to locate the dataset version on roboflow: <workspaceId>/<projectId>/<versionNumber>. Which, in the example above, would be tonyprivate/hand-gestures-fsph8/1

So a concrete example would be:

roboflow download -f voc -l ./my-dataset tonyprivate/hand-gestures-fsph8/1

And you can also use the same command to download datasets publicly available on roboflow universe, like Joseph's chess dataset

roboflow download -f voc -l ./chess-dataset joseph-nelson/chess-pieces-new/25

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