Roboflow Pro can extract frames from uploaded videos

How do I upload videos?

You can upload videos in the same way that you uploaded images! You simply drag and drop them into Web UI:
Once you drop them into the Web UI, a dialog box will ask you to choose the frame rate. This will tell us how many images we should sample from your video per second.
  • The highest frame rate you can select is 60 frames per second, which will generate 60 images for each second of video you upload.
  • The lowest frame rate you can select is 1 frame per 60 seconds.
After sampling from your video, the images will appear as if you had originally uploaded images to Roboflow.

Supported Video Formats

Roboflow uses your browser's built in support for video files to parse videos into frame images that you can use to train your models. That means you can use many different video formats, including MOV and MP4 files, depending on what browser you are using.
You can check specifically which video formats are supported by your browser here:
Note that e.g. HEVC/H.265 encoded MP4 files are only supported by the Safari browser. If you are importing from a GoPro or iPhone that shoots in H.265 you may want to change the settings to H.264 which is more widely supported.
If you are having trouble getting your video file loaded into Roboflow, you can contact support.
Last modified 5mo ago