Collaborate on Annotations

Now your entire team can help annotate. Including labeling statistics.

Whether you have a small team working annotating hundreds of images or a large team working on millions, creating a dataset is about more than drawing boxes. A big part of annotation is in the process of getting an image from the real world into a trained model's stored knowledge that involves image collection, storage, organization, selection, assignment, annotation, and review.

Roboflow offers collaborative features that allow you to:

  • Divide work between multiple team members by assigning annotation jobs to anyone on the team

  • Organize images into batches as you upload them

  • Provide image annotation instructions to help guide work and ensure consistency

  • Get an at-a-glance view of annotation work in progress

  • See a historical timeline of all annotation work

  • Revert changes

  • Add comments to images and view image comment history

  • Send images with annotation issues back to team members for changes

  • Approve or reject annotations before including them in a dataset

Assign Annotation Jobs

You can divide annotation work amongst a team or assign it to specific people responsible for annotation. Assigning jobs to individual team members means you won't have to worry about stepping on each others' work if you're online at the same time.

You can choose to assign jobs to one or more people on your team and if you haven’t included a team member to your workspace yet, you can also invite them and assign an annotation job to be completed at the same time.

Provide Annotation Instructions

You can provide instructions to annotators from the Assign Images tab. Click "Add Instructions" to add instructions to a batch before assigning the batch to an annotator. When you have set your instructions, click "Assign Images".

Job Notifications

Once an annotation job has been assigned, a notification will alert your team members when there's work assigned to them.

Annotation Jobs Board

The annotations jobs board gives an at-a-glance view of the current state of your individually assigned jobs as they go through the annotation process.

To view statistics for a particular labeler, specify a value in the Labeler dropdown.

Job Details

Clicking on individual jobs on the annotation jobs board gives a more detailed view of the individual job and its progress. You can quickly see images that still need annotation and re-assign jobs to different team members as needed.

Review Mode

You can individually approve or reject annotated images and send them back to the annotator for rework when necessary. To do so, click on a batch of images. Then, navigate between the Approved, Rejected, and To Do tabs to view the state of images in a batch.

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