Deploy a Workflow

You can deploy a Workflow in two ways:

  1. Send images to the Roboflow API for processing using your Workflow.

  2. Run your Workflow on your own hardware using Roboflow Inference.

If you run your Workflow on your own hardware, you can run it on both images and video files and streams. The video streams supported for on device deployment are:

  • Webcams

  • RTSP streams

  • Video files

For example, you can deploy a Workflow to an NVIDIA Jetson and run the Workflow on the results of an RTSP stream.

Roboflow Enterprise customers have access to additional video stream options, such as running inference on Basler cameras. To learn more about our offerings, contact the Roboflow sales team.

Deploy a Workflow

To deploy a workflow, click the "Run Workflow" button in the top left corner of the Workflows editor. All deployment options are documented on this page.

The code snippets in your Workflows editor will be pre-filled with your Workflows URL and API key.

To learn more about usage limits for Workflows, refer to the Roboflow pricing page.

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