Annotation Insights

View annotation insights by date, labeler, and project.

Annotation Insights show statistics on annotation jobs for projects in a workspace. You can view insights by date, labeler, and project.

For example, you can find:

  1. How many images someone annotated in a given time frame;

  2. How many images were rejected during the approval stage for a project;

  3. How many bounding boxes were drawn for a project;

  4. Time spent labeling, and more.

View Annotation Insights

Annotation Insights are available from the Workspace Settings menu. Click the gear button in the Workspace homepage and select Insights to view the dashboard.

Acceptance Rate is a statistic available for those with Review-mode enabled. For more details on leveraging Role-Based Access Control (Labeler and Reviewer roles), contact Roboflow Sales.

Filter Statistics

Filter Insights by Date, Project, and Labeler:

Filter the aggregated statistics chart by Total Time Spent Annotating Minutes, Total Images Labeled, Total Boxes Created, and Acceptance Rate:

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