Changelog - Lens Studio

A list of public facing changes for the Lens Studio integration

August 16, 2023

  • Please note: Roboflow models are now only compatible with Lens Studio 4.42 and up

  • Addresses feedback on low FPS in Lens Studio by implementing NMS optimization for Roboflow models

June 22, 2023 - Public Release

Tap Into 50,000+ ML Models

We're excited to announce a flagship partnership between Roboflow and Lens Studio. With Roboflow, a service whose primary focus is reducing barriers to entry for developers interested in leveraging machine learning and computer vision, developers can easily bring ML models into Lens Studio for use in their AR Lenses. This collaboration enables Lens Studio developers to utilize Roboflow's free machine learning tools to easily train and bring models directly into SnapML.

Now developers can explore Roboflow's platform and upload, organize, automatically annotate, train, and deploy models to target devices, including hosted API endpoints, iOS devices, and now Lens Studio. Snap AR worked with Roboflow to make it possible for these models to be exported into a SnapML compatible format, so developers can download models in one tap and bring them into Lens Studio.

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