Training Results

Training graphs and insights are made available for all Roboflow Train jobs.

Object Detection

When your model has finished training, view the training metrics on the dataset Versions page including mean Average Precision (mAP), precision, recall, and more.
Model Training Results: Roboflow Train
Model Training Graphs: Roboflow Train
Save training graphs by right-clicking on them and selecting "Save Image As."


Instance Segmentation

Visualizing Performance

See how your model performs on images from your dataset and local and hosted image and video files with the Deploy Tab.
The Roboflow Deploy tab
You can also see how your model performed on the specific images in your test and validation sets by using the "Visualize" feature to get a subjective feel for what these training metrics mean for your particular dataset.

Deploying Your Model

After training, your model is ready to be used for inference and embedded in a custom application! See the Inference Documentation page for all the options.