Docker Compose

Run the Roboflow inference server alongside other docker containers to build your multi-container application via Docker Compose.

If you want to run other docker containers alongside the Roboflow inference container you can do so using Docker Compose. We illustrate this via an example docker-compose.yaml file:

# Run the roboflow Inference Service as a Docker compose service"
    image: roboflow/inference-server:cpu
      - "9001:9001"

# Optionally, add any other containers or services you need here, 
# illustrated via this example below;
# so you can "compose" multiple services with the roboflow inference 
# service  as needed by your application

    image:  curlimages/curl:8.00.1
      - /bin/ash
      - -c
      - |
        while true; do 
        curl -s -X GET http://roboflow-inference-service:9001 
        sleep 5; 
      - roboflow-inference-service

After saving the file, type docker-compose up in your terminal. Two docker containers will spin up - the roboflow inference server and another container that curls the inference server every 5 seconds.

You can extend this example to add more containers to compose your stack as needed by your application.

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