Upload Data

Uploading image data to Roboflow

You can upload images and annotations for object detection, classification, instance segmentation, and semantic segmentation.

How to Add Data

You can add data to your Roboflow account by:

Upload Data with the Web Interface

To upload data, first create a project if you do not have one already. When you first create a project, you will be asked to upload images:

If you already have a project, click "Upload" in the project sidebar to upload images.

Upload Datasets with the command line

You can upload larger datasets using the roboflow-python CLI.

Install the roboflow-python CLI by running pip install roboflow, then upload datasets using the roboflow import command.

For a detailed howto, refer to detailed instructions in the Roboflow CLI upload section, or watch this video.

Supported Data Types

Roboflow can accept the following types of data:

  • JPG, PNG, WEBP, and BMP images

  • MOV and mp4 videos

  • Data formatted in any supported format for classification, object detection, segmentation, and keypoint detection.

Access Public Datasets

Roboflow Universe is a repository of over 200,000 datasets covering object detection, classification, and segmentation tasks. You can use Universe to find data for use in training the first version of a model, or for use in fine-tuning a model.

pageImport from Roboflow Universe

Duplicate Images

If an image's content is the exact same, it will only counted towards your usage once.

For example, if you merge two datasets, the merged dataset and the two original datasets exist in your account. Therefore, there is no charge for the merge, because the images are duplicates.

Data Ownership

We value our users' data ownership. As laid out in our terms of service (specifically in section 23B), you retain ownership over all images and videos you upload to Roboflow.

You retain all ownership rights in any content, information, or materials You post, submit, publish, display, or transmit

Class Name Sanitization

To prevent issues from arising during training, we sanitize class names both at upload/import and export. At upload, we perform the following:

  • Trimming leading/trailing whitespace

  • All whitespace (including newlines & tabs) are converted to a space

  • Double spaces are removed

  • /.[]#~* characters are replaced with a dash (-)

  • |'" characters are removed

Data Privacy

Public Plan: If you are on the Public plan unless explicitly specified and arranged by Roboflow, your datasets will be public on Roboflow Universe.

Paid Plans (including Enterprise): Unless otherwise specified, your data is private to your account.

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