Create a Workflow

What is a Workflow?

A Workflow is a series of steps that define a computer vision application. You can use Workflows to build vision-enabled applications without writing all of your logic with code.

You can then deploy Workflows either in the cloud with Roboflow or on your own hardware.

To learn more about workflows, refer to the Roboflow Workflows homepage.

Workflows are in an Alpha stage of development. We are actively working to add new functionalities and continue to improve the user experience of this product.

Create a Workflow

To create a Workflow, navigate to your workspace dashboard and click the "Workflows" tab:

On the Workflows page, click "Create Workflow" to create a workflow:

A window will appear that asks you to choose a name for your workflow and select a template from which to work. There are three default templates available:

  1. Run a single model;

  2. Run a detection model, crop results, then run OCR, and;

  3. Detect an object then classify the region of the detection.

Once you have set a name for your project and selected a template, click Create Workflow to create your Workflow.

You will be redirected to your new Workflow in the Roboflow web application:

You can now start working on your Workflow.

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