Create a Workspace

Create a workspace in which projects are grouped

All computer vision projects in Roboflow belong to a workspace. When you sign up for a Roboflow account, we automatically create a workspace for you. Workspaces allow you to manage who has access to what projects and what features are available for projects inside the workspace.

Create a New Workspace

After log in, to create a new Workspace, hover over the + icon and click the + Add Workspace button on the nav menu after you log into Roboflow.

Workspace Setup

When you create a new Workspace, you need to choose a plan for the Workspace. To learn more about the available plans you can check out the Plans and Pricing section.

The selected Workspace Name or Company Name will also act as the workspace ID

Enter emails, comma-separated, for individuals to receive workspace invitations with specified roles (Admin or Labeler roles)

  • Select Back to change the Workspace Name or Usage Type

  • Select Skip to skip team invitations.

Renaming Workspaces

Click the pencil-shaped icon next to the workspace name on the main landing page for the workspace.

Enter the new workspace name and click "Save"

Note: Renaming a workspace will update the workspace ID.

Workspace Settings

Select Settings in the top-right corner of the main landing page for a workspace to view the Workspace Settings menu.

  • Plan and Billing - View your current workspace plan, how to add Billing Info, and more workspace upgrade options

  • Usage - Workspace Features and Usage (all-time and by month)

    • Team Members, Projects, Source Images, Generated Images, Inference Usage (view and download charts)

  • Members - View workspace members, member roles, status of workspace invitations

  • Roboflow API - View, copy and revoke Public and Private API Keys

  • Third Party Keys - Integrations with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platforms (GCP) and OpenAI

  • Rename Workspace - Give the workspace a new name. This will update the workspace ID

  • Delete Workspace - This action is irreversible after confirming deletion. Proceed with caution.


View, Accept and Decline workspace invitations.

Click on the notification bell to view notifications.

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