Search a Dataset

Use text-based search queries and set filters to better understand datasets in Roboflow.

You can search for image files in Roboflow by file name, a search query, or using a range of supported folders.

Search by File Name

Search images by filename. Searches are matched by full strings, or substrings. In the example below, a search for images present in the train set is combined with a search for the file 000000074789.jpg.

Search by Dataset Split

Search images by the dataset split (train, valid, test). Search filters can be stacked with text-based queries. In the example below, the term horse is combined with a search for images present in the valid set.

Use text queries to search for images most closely related to your search terms. These queries will return results to help you find images even when common objects are not visible, or currently labeled.

Search Filters

Here are the filters available:

  • like-image:<SOURCE_ID>: Sort by semantic similarity measured by CLIP.

  • tag : Filter by user-provided tags.

  • filename : Runs a search for file names that match the provided file name. Use * at the beginning and end of a query to run a partial match.

  • split : Filters by split (train, test, valid).

  • job:<JOB_ID> : Shows images with the provided job ID.

  • min-width:X : Shows images with a width greater than X.

  • max-width:X : Shows images with a width less than X.

  • min-height:X : Shows images with a height greater than X.

  • max-height:X : Shows images with a height less than X.

  • min-annotations:X : Filters images with more than the specified number of annotations.

  • max-annotations:X : Shows images with fewer than the specified number of annotations.

  • class:CLASS: Shows images that have at least 1 annotation with the provided label.

Boolean Logic

Use AND, OR, NOT, and parentheses to combine multiple filters to form complex queries.

class:helmet AND NOT (tag:v1 OR tag:v2)

Inverted Filters

Add a minus sign before the filter to exclude images matching the filter.

class:helmet -class:vest

Search by API

You can also search your dataset and images on Roboflow via our Search API.

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