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Export Data

Export data from Roboflow for training.
You can export data from Roboflow at any time. You can export data using the Roboflow web interface or our Python package.
To export data, first generate a dataset version in the Roboflow dashboard. You can do so on the "Versions" page associated with your project.
After you have generated a dataset, click "Export" next to your dataset version:
You can download your data in over 15 formats. You can see a full list of supported export formats in the "Export" section of our formats directory.
After selecting an export format, you can choose to either download the data as a .zip file, or as a curl link to download from the command line.
Exporting to a .zip folder on your device.
Note: The curl and Python code will contain a private key unique to your account. Do not share this key!
The window that appears for "show download code" after selecting "Continue."

Export with the Python Package

You can both generate versions and export datasets with the Python package.
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