Manage Classes

Lock, remap, or delete classes from a project

You can view, modify, and manage your annotation classes from within the Classes page. These changes impact all images in your project (unlike some of our preprocessing steps, which only impact a version). As a result, these actions are best taken when you are certain you want to make changes to all of your images.

How to access Classes

You can access Classes by clicking the Classes in the sidebar.

Remapping Classes

Clicking on the Modify Classes button to see the class remapping options available.

From this menu, you can:

  • Rename a class (by typing the new name in the Override column).

  • Merge classes (by overriding multiple classes to the same name).

  • Delete a class (by clicking the Delete checkbox).

WARNING: these actions are non-reversible and potentially destructive. Ensure you are comfortable with a change before proceeding.

Locking Classes

You can check the Lock Annotation Classes checkbox to prevent the creation of new classes. This is useful for ensuring annotators do not accidentally add new classes during the labeling process.

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