License Server

You can use the Roboflow License server to proxy the necessary routes for Roboflow Deployment servers into your company's DMZ
Use the license server as a proxy for the Roboflow API.

Using the License Server

If you wish to firewall the Roboflow Inference Server from the Internet, you will need to use the Roboflow License Server which acts as a proxy for the Roboflow API and your models' weights.
On a machine with access to and (and port 80 open to the Inference Server running in your private network), pull the License Server Docker container:
sudo docker pull roboflow/license-server
And run it:
sudo docker run --net=host roboflow/license-server
Configure your Inference Server to use this License Server by passing its IP in the LICENSE_SERVER environment variable:
sudo docker run --net=host --env LICENSE_SERVER= roboflow/inference-server:cpu
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