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Use Gaze Detection

Run a gaze detection model on frames in a video.
You can apply gaze detection to frames in a video. The Roboflow Video Inference API will return the data you need to calculate the direction in which someone is looking and the point at which someone is looking.

Use Gaze Detection with the Video Inference API

First, install the Roboflow Python package:
pip install roboflow
Next, create a new Python file and add the following code:
from roboflow import Roboflow, GazeModel
rf = Roboflow(api_key="API_KEY")
model = GazeModel()
job_id, signed_url, expire_time = model.predict_video(
results = model.poll_until_video_results(job_id)
Above, replace:
  • API_KEY: with your Roboflow API key
  • PROJECT_NAME: with your Roboflow project ID.
  • MODEL_ID: with your Roboflow model ID.
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