Exporting Data

Export data from Roboflow for training.

Export in Any Format

After you have generated the dataset, to export data, choose the dataset version on the left side of the screen.
Then click Export in the upper right hand corner.
Roboflow enables the download of data in any standard format required for computer vision, even TFRecord generation.
After choosing your export format, you can choose to either download the data as a .zip file, or as a curl link to download from the command line.
Exporting to a .zip folder on your device.
Note: The curl link will contain a private key unique to your account. Do not share this key!
The window that appears for "show download code" after selecting "Continue."
If you need to download your dataset later or need to select a different format, you can do that. Select your dataset version, go to the right side of the screen where it says "Export" and select the desired format.
You can both generate versions and export datasets with the Python package.