Role-Based Access Control

With role-based access control, labelers are only able to access the images you assign to them and utilize the labeling tools for annotation of those images. All other information is hidden from Labelers to ensure privacy and security for your data. This allows you to confidently scale your labeling operation outside of your team or organization as your labeling needs increase.

Add a Labeler

You can add a Labeler through the Settings page or directly within your Job assignment workflow. Labeler's will receive an email notification to get started with the assignment.

View Labeler Progress by Job

The Labeler workflow uses the Board View, Job Assignment, Notifications, and Instructions in the collaborative annotation tools already available today.

After you have assigned a Job to Labeler users, you’ll be able to check in on each Job to see the progress being made. You can manage your labeling project in real-time without requiring status updates, reports, or project management systems. Once a Job is submitted for review, Reviewers will receive an email notifying them to Approve or Reject annotations.

Labeler Job View

Labelers are able to see their Unannotated and Annotated images as well as their progress to complete the Job.

Labelers can understand where each of their images are in process to work most efficiently.

Reviewers Approve and Add to Datasets

Admins are able to check all annotations submitted by Labelers to Approve or Reject annotations.

Approved annotations can be added to the project Dataset and Reject annotations will be returned to Labelers for edits.

Once the annotations are Approved or Rejected, Labelers will be notified via email so they can know how to proceed with the Job assignment.

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