Add Steps to a Workflow

A Step is a stage in a Workflow. Workflows are made up of a series of Steps.

There are many steps available in Workflows, including:

  • Run an object detection model hosted on Roboflow.

  • Crop regions returned by an object detection model.

  • Run a consensus algorithm on the results of multiple detection models.

  • Check if a condition is met, then follow a branch of logic based on whether the condition is met (i.e. if a model returns a prediction, do something).

  • And more.

A Workflow can have as many steps as you need to define your application.

Roboflow Enterprise customers have access to additional Workflow blocks, such as Kafka and MQTT notifiers. To learn more about the accessing Enterprise blocks, contact the Roboflow sales team.

Add a Step

To add a Step to a Workflow, click the "Add Step" button in the top right side of the Workflows editor:

A list of all supported Steps that you can run on the hosted version of Workflows will appear. The Steps are grouped into sections such as Models and Transformations.

Click on a Step to add it to your Workflow.

The Step will appear in your Workflow editor. A configuration panel will open on the left side of the screen that lets you configure how the Step should connect to other Steps.

For example, the Crop step takes in an input image and predictions that are used to crop regions in the image. We can set both of these inputs from the Workflows editor.

Connect Steps

When you add a step, it will not be connected to the next Step in your Workflow. This is because the Workflows editor does not assume how you want to connect a Step.

To connect a step, click on the Step to which you want to connect another Step. For example, if you want to connect Crop to Response, click on Response. Then, ensure the value for the response is equal to the result from the Step you want.

Some Steps can take in multiple inputs or outputs. You can add multiple outputs to a step that supports this functionality by clicking the "Add Output" button at the bottom of the Step editor.

Save Changes

When you have finished making changes to your Workflow, click "Save Workflow." If you have deployed the Workflow, your saved Workflow will start running on all devices where the Workflow has been deployed.

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