Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are duplicate images counted in my usage?

If an image's content is the exact same, it is only counted towards your usage once. For example, if you merge two datasets, the merged dataset and the two original datasets exist in.your account . However, there is no charge for the merge, because the images are duplicates.

Does Roboflow own my data?‌

No. Your data remains yours even after upload! This is included in our terms, 22B:

How do I delete a dataset?

Click the checkbox next to the dataset you wish to delete. Select "Delete" in the upper right hand corner. Enter the dataset ID (displayed to you in red). Confirm deletion.

Can I edit the "Train, Validation, Test" split after upload?

Yes! We've recently added this feature.
Changing the train, validation, test splits after upload in Roboflow.
Note that you can also choose to upload images to only training, validation, or test set if desired.
Last modified 4mo ago