Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are duplicate images counted in my usage?

If an image content is the exact same, it is only counted towards your usage once.

What is Roboflow Pro?

Roboflow Pro is a richer set of features and support for Roboflow, like advanced augmentations, integrations with more labeling tools, and more.

Learn more here:

How does Pay-As-You-Go billing work?

Roboflow Pay-As-You-Go is billed monthly based on your monthly (30-day) peak usage.

For example, if your dataset is 2000 source images and 6000 generated images, you are paying for 1000 source images ($10, 1000 * 0.01) and 1000 generated images ($2, 1000*0.002) per month.

Monitor your usage and billing cycle here:

Does Roboflow own my data?‌

No. Your data remains yours even after upload. This is included in our terms, 22B:

How do I delete a dataset?

Click the checkbox next to the dataset you wish to delete. Select "Delete" in the upper right hand corner. Enter the dataset ID (displayed to you in red). Confirm deletion.

Can I edit the "Train, Validation, Test" split after upload?

Right now, you cannot.

To edit your dataset's split, you may re-upload the dataset and set a new split. Note that you can upload images to only training, validation, or test set if you choose.