Inference Utilities

Customize predictions (inference results) from computer vision models for use in applications.

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Computer Vision Utilities
Interface with the Roboflow API and Python package for running inference (receiving predictions) from your computer vision models and customizing predictions for use in applications.
Supervision is a set of easy-to-use utilities that will come in handy in any computer vision project for customizing inference outputs and visualization.
Supervision Documentation

Response Object Formats

Below are links to Roboflow Docs pages outlining the JSON Response Object formats for different model types (e.g Object Detection, Classification, Instance and Semantic Segmentation).
Response Object Format - Object Detection
Response Object Format - Classification
Response Object Format - Instance Segmentation
Response Object Format - Semantic Segmentation


Connect computer vision models to your business logic with our pre-made templates.
Roboflow Templates
Roboflow Computer Vision Templates
Preview of available options on the Roboflow Templates page
Preview of Roboflow Templates